Johnathan Aubrey is a Utah-based author and motivational speaker.

As an infant, Johnathan underwent the first of numerous operations to help his physical health, as he was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP). Although CP has presented challenges for Johnathan, he hasn’t let it limit what he can accomplish. No matter the obstacles he has faced, he has remained an optimistic and motivated individual who strives to bring those traits out in others.

Johnathan’s first book, Am I Different? illustrates to young readers that differences don’t have to impose limitations. Differences may impose obstacles, but they can be seen as opportunities for growth.

Living with CP did not deter Johnathan from accomplishing many goals he set for himself; from riding a bike to graduating from Weber State University, he has continued to overcome obstacles to be his best self.

Johnathan Aubrey photo
Author Johnathan Aubrey at the book launch for Am I Different?

Photos from the recent launch of Am I Different?

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