Learn the Truth About Obstacles

It isn’t easy to learn to see obstacles as opportunities. But they are chances to push self-imposed boundaries and to grow. Am I Different? is a children’s book aimed at helping young readers learn that differences don’t have to hold them back.

Am I Different
Am I different
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Become Your Best Self

Becoming your best self is never easy, and it’s time to reinforce that principle in children. Turning challenges into assets creates opportunities we never thought possible before!

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Behind the Story

Am I Different? is the result of author Johnathan Aubrey living with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and learning to do hard things despite negative self-talk that his differences made them impossible. 

Once he changed his mindset, Johnathan was empowered to achieve the goals he set for himself, whether it was riding a bike, investing in real estate, or getting married.

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Johnathan Aubrey

Am I Different

Win Despite Obstacles

Add Am I Different? to your home library today and use it as a resource to help children become their best selves through adversity.